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Vulcan Racing

Vulcan Racing was established February 2, 1948 as Vulcan Grinding Service in Oakland, California to manufacture the flat-head V8 Stroker kit that Walt Herbert invented in 1946. As time went on, Vulcan Grinding Service became Vulcan Engineering and started building complete racing engines that set more than 200 world records in the quarter mile. Along the way Walt invented the aluminum valve spring retainer and the cam button. Dusty Herbert, Walt's son, wanted to change the name to Vulcan Racing and Walt said no. Dusty put Vulcan Racing on his race car anyway under the same logo in 1962. In 1969, the Vulcan Racing team was established with Walt's blessing and Vulcan Engineering wasn't used much after that. In 1971, Vulcan built a 600+ horsepower 283 Chevy that revved to 13,700 RPM. The valve train that made this possible was invented and patented by Dusty Herbert. Vulcan Racing moved to La Pine, Oregon in 2002. In Jan 2007, Vulcan Racing became Vulcan Racing and Manufacturing LLC. In August 2006, Steve Baker and Dusty Herbert invented the Horseshoe Alternator Mount; it went on the market February 2, 2007, the 59th birthday of Vulcan Racing.


Dusty Herbert

Dusty Herbert was Born Feb. 5, 1948. At age 8 he started going to the shop with his father Walt to learn how to build race cars and hot rods and race engines. He also learned a lot from his Grandpa Leo at his shop. Dusty started inventing automotive parts while in high school. He graduated in 1967 and went to work as a journeyman mechanic. In 1968 Dusty became a serious drag racer. In 1968 Dusty went into the army and went to Viet Nam until 1970. He went back to school and became a journeyman automotive machinist and then went on to become and automotive engineer. Walt retired in 1977 and Dusty took over. Dusty has also spent 35 years in air pollution research and now he has 37 inventions and 18 patents.

Teen Angels Short Race Car
1950 Ford, built in 1962
Powered by a 427 Cu. In. small block Cadillac



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